EMP Celebrates Sci-Fear Week on Horror Channel

Sci-Fear Week - Horro Channe;

Sci-Fear Week starts on Horror Channel on 20th November and here at EMP, we can’t wait to tune in to all the incredible sci-fi influenced horror movies that they will be showing!

Horror Channel is the go-to place for all shows and films dedicated to dark, terrifying, and suspenseful cinema! Along with a mix of sci-fi and futuristic fantasy, it is for all those entertained by nightmare-generating content!

Horror Channel is available to watch on Sky (Channel 317), Freeview (Channel 68), Freesat (Channel 138) and Virgin Media (Channel 149)

Every night at 9pm from 20th November and 26th November, the channel will be airing the very best and most scary sci-films in honour of their Sci-Fear Week! Strange science, terrifying technology and insidious invasions will take control of Horror Channel and EMP has got a special sneak-peak of some of the films being shown during the ultimate week of sci-fi horror.


The Last Day on Mars, 2013 (UK TV Premiere)

THE LAST DAY ON MARS (20/11) will air on the first day of Sci-Fear Week as a special UK TV Premiere and SATURN 3 will also premiere for the first time on the channel on 21st November! The adaptation of Stephen King’s CELL starring John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson and Isabelle Fuhrman will be available to watch 22nd November as well as the 1981 Canadian feature SCANNERS (22 / 11), EXTRATERRESTRIAL (24/11) starring Brittany Allen and futuristic, robot flick KILL COMMAND (25/11). Finally, the week will finish with the 1982 horror classic XTRO (26/11).


Cell, 2016

And if all these awesome films weren’t enough, Sci-Fi Fans will be pleased to know that Horror Channel has its very own Sci-fi Zone, showing a great range of content. Tune in weekdays 6-9pm for some sci-fi favourites including Star Trek: Voyager 7pm.  Don’t forget to check out all the official Star Trek merch available on our site!

Which films shown during Sci-Fear Week will you be watching? Let us know on our socials your favourites! Plus, don’t forget to check out our special Horror Channel competition to win a Nebula Mars 2 Pro Projector in celebration of Sci-Fear Week!


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Our Top 10 Items For Halloween!

Our Top 10 Items For Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and if you’re not prepared for the spookiest night of the year…what are you waiting for?! Here at EMP HQ, it is one of our most favourite occasions and we’ve got a load of great items to make this October 31st your best Halloween yet! 🎃🤘


Whether it’s clothing and accessories for costume ideas, creepy decorations or merch from your favourite scary movies – EMP has it all! But if you want some extra tips, here are our top 10 recommendations for Halloween.


  1. Alice in Wonderland Dress

We all love the wacky and wonderful story of Lewis Carroll’s tale of Alice in Wonderland, but this Halloween, Elena is bringing a creepy twist to the story with her ‘Alice in Horrorland’ look. Wearing our ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ dress, which is not only full of amazing details but also exclusive to EMP, you can find it in our full Alice in Wonderland collection!

Our Top 10 Items For Halloween - Alice Dress


  1. Friday 13th Vans Collection

What’s your favourite scary movie? Well, if you’re a fan of the classics, Vans has you covered with their new Horror Collection! Including shoes, bags, tops and more all themed from films like The Shining, IT and Friday The 13th – it’s a horror fans paradise! One of our favourite items from the range are these awesome slip-on shoes featuring the Grady twins from The Shining!

“Hello Danny. Come and play with us.”

Our Top 10 Items For Halloween - Vans Shoes

  1. Nemesis Now Spirit Board Tea-light holder

Are you planning a séance this Halloween? Or maybe you want to dress your house in some awesome decorations? This spirit board Tea-Light Holder from Nemesis Now can certainly do both and is also a great gift for those who love their Gothic Décor all year round! But maybe not one for those who want to keep the ghosts away! 👻

Our Top 10 Items For Halloween - Nemesis Now Candle Holder

  1. Hocus Pocus Bag

Hocus Pocus has always been one of our Halloween favourites and this year Loungefly has blessed us with some amazing bags and purses to satisfy all of us life-long fans! This mini-backpack is one of the cutest we’ve seen and is great for those who love the fun side of Halloween, plus it has a matching purse!

Our Top 10 Items For Halloween - Hocus Pocus Bag


  1. Make-Up

Make-Up and Fashion Accessories are always essential for the ultimate Halloween costumes and bring your look up to the next level when done correctly! Luckily, these amazing fashion contacts from Chromaview don’t require you to be a professional make-up artist AND they still look incredible! These Grey Mist Dragon contacts are going to be perfect for my outfit this year!

Our Top 10 Items For Halloween - Contact Lenses

  1. Funko Halloween Calendar

The countdown for Halloween is officially on and if you’re a fan of Funko POP!s, this calendar is for you! With doors each containing one of thirteen Pocket POP! figures, the wait for October 31st just got a little bit easier! But be quick, for those who want to take full advantage of this awesome calendar – get your orders in now!

Our Top 10 Items For Halloween - Funko Calendar


  1. Harry Potter Cosplay

Once a Potter fan, always a Potter fan! And if you’re keen to show off your Hogwarts House as you go trick or treating this year, our collection of Hogwarts Uniform cosplay can help! Members of Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor can dress up with our range of themed robes, skirts jumpers, and ties!

Our Top 10 Items For Halloween - Hogwarts Uniform

  1. Nemesis Now Goblet

We love welcoming new customers of all backgrounds to our store, and we have a special collection of merch for the Vampires out there! This stunning and detailed goblet from Nemesis Now is a great addition to your kitchenware and a perfect way to taste your guests. Oh sorry! Did I say taste? I meant to toast. 😉🥂

Our Top 10 Items For Halloween - Vampire Goblet

Image By @fedebiancyshinoda


  1. IT Coat

Fans of Stephen King’s IT will recognise this yellow coat! Inspired by the one worn by Georgie before he was eaten by Pennywise, it’s a great wear for October as the weather begins to grow colder! But just don’t wear it around any drains, who knows what could be down there! 🎈🤡

Our Top 10 Items For Halloween - IT Coat

  1. Metallica Skull

What do you get when you cross Metallica with Halloween? I don’t know but I’m sure loving this awesome Sad But True skull from our Metallica merch! Great as a decoration for Halloween or an all-year addition for fans of Metallica! It’s not one to miss! 💀

Our Top 10 Items For Halloween - Metallica Skull


So they were our Top 10 Items For Halloween! Which item from this list is going onto your Halloween wishlist? Let us know on our socials! Maybe you have some other favourites on our site – we’d love to know what they are! All orders made up to Halloween will also include this special EMP sticker so don’t miss out.

Our Top 10 Items For Halloween - Halloween Sticker

P.S: Don’t forget to enter our Halloween competition for your chance to win a huge gift bundle featuring great merch from your favourite scary movies as well as lots more spooktacular items!

Check out our Halloween Vampire page for more inspiration and don’t forget to follow us on social media for more tips and ideas as we run-up to Halloween!

Our Top 10 Items For Halloween - EMP Halloween Page

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Music, Special

Slam Dunk 2021

After what felt like a lifetime without festivals or live music, here at EMP we were finally able to make our return this year! One of the awesome live events we had the pleasure of attending was Slam Dunk 2021 and what an experience it was!

Slam Dunk South was once again at Hatfield Park this year and had an incredible lineup from the likes of Don Broco, While She Sleeps, Bury Tomorrow, Skindred and more! You could really feel the joy and relief many attendees had with the return and because of the long wait, it made it feel that much better!

Slam Dunk South 2021 – Don Broco – @APERTUNES-24 – Chelsea Bakewell (Futuresound Marketin)

Check out ourFestival 21′ highlights on our Instagram stories now to see our best moments from the performances!

While rocking out with all these amazing bands, we had the pleasure to chat with some of the acts from the festival too!

Elena Marastoni from EMP first caught up with Isaac Cooter and Michael Evans from For You The Moon who has recently been signed by Slam Dunk Records and opened up The Key Club stages this year! While talking about some interesting topics like great tv-series and videos games, we also spoke about new music, collaborations and their new single ‘eightfortyfive’!

Slam Dunk South – FORYOUTHEMOON_@APERTUNES-25 – Chelsea Bakewell (Futuresound Marketin)


And we didn’t stop there! Derek Sanders and Alex Garcia from Mayday Parade stopped by for a chat, and we hoped to get a few details on their new album! As well as if they would prefer to live through a Zombie Apocalypse or an Alien Invasion. It was a tough decision!

Slam Dunk South 2021 – SOUTH_MaydayParade_@katiemcmillanphoto-1 – Chelsea Bakewell (Futuresound Marketin)

Lastly, we spoke to Chris #2 from Anti-Flag to get an insight on the messages behind the band’s music, tips for new artists and what he’s been listening to recently. It was such a pleasure to speak to this incredible artist before getting to watch the band’s awesome set!

Thanks again to Slam Dunk for having this year and to all the artists who sat down with us for their interviews! It was a great experience, and we can’t wait to return for 2022!

Did you attend Slam Dunk 2021? Let us know your favourite performance on our socials and don’t forget to follow us for more exclusive interviews and news!

Want more great festival content? Check out our YouTube playlist including interviews from Reading Festival, Bloodstock 2021 and more!

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Follow The Leader – (Korn Album) – EMP Blog

Get your hands on the re-released edition of ‘Follow The Leader’ on CD or 180 g vinyl! The cult Korn album is the third album by the former nu metal pioneers and features the epitome of a rap-metal duet: ‘All In The Family’.

Follow the Leader is recognised by the band members as being their most commercially successful album, and it is an album that helped both the band and the Nu Metal genre breakthrough into mainstream music.


Follow the Leader: CD album

korn follow the leader CD album cover

1. It’s On!
2. Freak On A Leash
3. Got The Life
4. Dead Bodies Everywhere
5. Children Of The Korn
6. B.B.K.
7. Pretty
8. All In The Family
9. Reclaim My Place
10. Justin
11. Seed
12. Cameltosis
13. My Gift To You


Follow The Leader: Vinyl LP

korn follow the leader vinyl lp cover


LP 1

1. It’s On!

2. Freak On a Leash

3. Got the Life

4. Dead Bodies Everywhere

5. Children of the Korn

6. B.B.K.

7. Pretty

LP 21. All In the Family

2. Reclaim My Place

3. Justin

4. Seed

5. Cameltosis

6. My Gift to You


Quick facts about ‘Follow The Leader’

Album release date: 18th August 1998
Genre: Nu Metal
Album length: 70 minutes 8 seconds
Produced by: Steve Thompson and Toby Wright (Immortal/Epic)
Copies sold to date: 14 million
Tour: Family Values Tour
Guest vocalists: Ice Cube (Children of the Korn), Tre Hardson (Cameltosis) and Fred Durst (All in the Family)
Album artwork: Todd McFarlane, Greg Capullo, Brian Haberlin (colouring)

  • 1999 MTV Video Music Awards: Best Rock Video (Freak on a Leash)
  • 1999 MTV Video Music Awards: Best Editing (Freak on a Leash)
  • 2000 Grammy Awards: Best Short Form Music Video (Freak on a leash)


Album charts:

Chart Location Top Position
AR1A Australia 1
CANOE Canada 1
RIANZ New Zealand 1
Billboard 200 US 1
Suomen virallinen lista Finland 4
SNEP France 5
VG-lista Norway 5
O3 Austria Top 40 Austria 7
MegaCharts Netherlands 7
Media Control AG Germany 12
Ultratop Flanders Belgium 13
Sverigetopplistan Sweden 24
Ultratop Wallonia Belgium 30

korn albums at emp

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**NEW** Iron Maiden Piece Of Mind Trikot T-Shirt – Now at EMP!

product image - iron maiden piece of mind t shirt - back


New Maiden shirt alert! We now have stock of the Iron MaidenPiece Of Mind’ T-Shirt! An awesome colourful print, currently available in all sizes and priced at £64.99!

– Standard length
– Regular fit
– Ribbed V-neck
– Printed on the front
– Short sleeves
– Embroidered patch on the front
– “Piece Of Mind” lettering on the back of the neck
– Album release year “83” on the back
– Contrast neckband
– Officially licensed product
– Sleeves in a contrasting colour
– Cuffs in a contrasting colour
– Logo patch on the front bottom left

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Gifts For Brother

gifts for brother

Funny, tall, grumpy, cool, shy, geeky or gym bunny: Big and little brothers come in every shape and size and despite how annoying they are, we love them to bits. You’ve been best friends and sworn enemies: he makes you laugh so hard that cornflakes come out of your nose, hugs you harder than anyone else and also makes you madder than you ever thought you could be. When he’s not snitching on you he’s your partner in crime and nobody can understand the things that the two of you have been through together.


Whether for Christmas or a birthday, after everything you’ve been through, your brother deserves to know that despite an uncontrollable urge to tease him, deep down you think he’s ace. To celebrate awesome big and little brothers everywhere we have put together a hand-picked selection of cool and funny EMP gifts, that are perfect for your annoying big (or little) sibling!


Gifts For Brother

At EMP, you will find a huge selection of over 30,000 products to choose from. Gift-giving doesn’t have to be difficult because you already know which video game your brother is into at the moment, or which TV series they’ve watched on repeat or which bands they’ve been to see this year.  Just pick the franchise that suits them best and you are sure to find the perfect gift for a big or little brother at EMP – no matter what their taste.

Check out some more EMP highlights here:

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Harry Potter Stocking Fillers

Muggles, witches and wizards of all ages love Harry Potter and if you are looking for the perfect small gift for a fan this Christmas, you are in the right place.  In the EMP online shop, you can browse over 500 magical gifts, suitable for fans of every age. Our online shop is well stocked with Harry Potter gifts for the whole family that any fan will love. From jewellery to home decor, with a few clicks of a button, you can bring a little magic into the lives of friends or loved ones that can’t get enough of the orphan from Privet Drive.

Now the third highest-grossing film series of all time, Potter-themed gifts make ideal secret Santa presents and stocking fillers for fans. But it’s been 20 years since we all started waiting for our letters from Hogwarts and in that time the Hary Potter franchise has expanded into thousands of licensed products.  With so much to do and so little time, how do you find meaningful stocking fillers in a vast sea of movie merchandise?  To help you find what you are looking for faster, check out our top picks for Harry Potter gifts that are perfect for stuffing into a stocking this Christmas.

Harry Potter stocking stuffers:


More Movie merch at EMP

Looking for something other than Harry Potter gifts? At EMP you will find a huge selection of Fan Merch in our online shop offering even more fantastic gifts from other popular movies and TV Series. No matter what they are into, whether it’s superheroes, Disney or Winnie The Pooh, the film fan in your life will be delighted with something from our collection.

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