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Guest Blog: Chelsea O’Brien’s guide to Maternity Fashion!


At EMP, we work with lots of talented bloggers covering all genres from alternative fashion and Rock & Metal to Harry Potter , Disney and superheroes . Now it would be selfish to keep these talents to ourselves and didn’t share them with our lovely readers!

Today’s blog is a special one because it’s covering our lovely influencer Chelsea O’Brien’s (aka: @MummaBabyDoll ) pregnancy journey and what she wore to stay both comfortable and on brand with her awesome image! Without further ado, lets kick off Chelsea’s blog post!

2 Weeks

It’s late o’clock in the day and I’ve just finished up my daily routine of streaming to my nearly 40k followers on Twitch. For the past few years my job has been sitting at a desk making my way up into the Entertainment business, however today I got news that the next 9 months are going to be completely different. My apartment is going to be accident proofed, my mood swings are going to be crazy but more worryingly, my wardrobe is going to change. All the new clothes from EMP that I only just received for Christmas are no longer going to fit because today I found out…

I’m finally pregnant.


12 Weeks


I’m finally showing – my wardrobe needs an emergency makeover. I turn on my computer and Google: and do a quick search for ‘Maternity Fashion’. I’ve been a loyal customer of EMP for 4 years now, even wearing their clothes in my first magazine feature.

As expected, a variety of fashionable maternity clothes stare back at me with all their unique ‘growing room’ abilities. Pregnancy can be difficult for a lot of women due to the changes it makes to your body. Many of my friends that have had children expressed that they needed to keep buying new clothes over and over again because “Maternity Clothes are uncomfortable and easy to grow out of.”

I’ve never had a problem with uncomfortable clothes from EMP, which is why I am here now looking at their website for the clothes that I would be wearing for the next 6 months. I pick out my first three tops:


Ultrasound Metal Hand Baby

Cool Mom t-shirt


It`s Not For Me! It`s For The Baby!



“Cool” Mom is an understatement – I’m also “Comfy” Mom and “Why would anyone go anywhere else for their Maternity Clothes” Mom. I didn’t need to worry about comfort or size with these tops, they fit and feel perfect.

My close friend just found out that she’s pregnant too – I know exactly what I’m getting her for her birthday.


20 Weeks

It’s time for our ‘Gender Reveal’ party. I’ve just received a package in the post that has my party attire folded neatly away inside. I can’t wait to see the reactions of my friends and family when they find out what I’m having.

I appear downstairs wearing my Which Gender? Boy or Girl? T-shirt . I’m proud to show off my top as everyone keeps complimenting me about my fashion. “Comfort and looks good?!” one of my friends exclaimed. They can’t believe the quality in just a single item of clothing – wait until they see my wardrobe…


34 Weeks


It’s the spookiest night of the year! I’m pairing up with my little girl, Rhivér for our joint Halloween costume. Using my Baby On Board long-sleeve shirt , partnered with some spooky face paint, we quickly become the highlight of the party.


38 Weeks

It’s almost time. I look to my side and see my ‘Hospital Bag’ all packed and ready to go with all the essentials, including our little girl’s first outfit. My emotions are all over the place but I’m mostly filled with excitement. Excited to get back to my normal size (mainly so I can explore all the new outfits that EMP have released this year), excited to be able to touch my toes for the first time in months but of course, I’m mostly excited to come home with another member of my growing family.

EMP’s Maternity clothing has made such a positive impact in my life this year, making this pregnancy 10x more comfortable for me. The worry of having a new wardrobe was blown out of existence as soon as I received my first 2 tops. By this point, I own over 70% of EMP’s Maternity and baby/kids merchandise.

Even my ‘Going Home’ clothes include a Bambi jumper and Varsity jacket to match my daughters first outfit. We’re going to make a great looking pair as we take our first steps out into the World together.




Thank you, EMP.

Signing Off,

Chelsea O’Brien aka: MummaBabyDoll (Instagram: @MummaBabyDoll)




Black Panther Movie Review

Unless you’re living under a rock you won’t have missed the hype around Marvel’s latest installment in their mega franchise, The Black Panther. Ever since his entrance in Civil War, fans have eagerly awaited King T’challa’s chance to shine in his own movie.

By now the movie has been dissected a million ways and that was before anyone saw it! With much being been made of the primarily black leads and afrofuturism that the films centres around this movie had a weight of expectation behind it and it is no surprise that this is on track to become one of the most critically acclaimed superhero movies of all time.

So what works?

The visuals

Marvel movies tend to have a uniform blandness that prevents them form having any kind of visual personality but this film is definitely an exception. Taking visual cues from African fashion and afro futurism, the film presents a world view simply never seen before in the history of cinema and gives the film oozes with personality

The women

 It’s not just ethnic diversity the film deals in. While this a movie about fathers and sons, gender diversity is on display as the main character is surrounded by women. Lupita Nyongo, Danai Gurira, Angela Bassett and Letitia Wright are given time to shine as T’challa’s love interest, General, mother and sister respectively. Rising star Wright in particular is given all the best lines and allowing her to almost steals the movies.

The baddie

Marvel has found it’s Magneto with Michael B Jordan’s Killmonger. This movie isn’t just all action and the focus on character extends to the villain, who by the end you actually sympathise with. Jordan’s portrayal is one of Marvel’s best villain performances as you come to realise, and more importantly understand, just how his character got to be who he is by the time he faces up with Black Panther.

The action

Whilst the actual beats of the action play out exactly like a typical Marvel action scene, the fights are never surplus to requirements and never display the going through the motions feeling modern action scenes can sometimes bring. All the fight scenes are relevant, they serve a purpose and move the action forward. An extended car chase scene in South Korea is a particular highlight of the movie.

Whilst the movie is a great exploration of race issues and personal responsibility propelled by on point action scenes, the film is not without it’s weaknesses. Ultimately several parts of the plot are predictable with their outcomes being able to be seen from miles away. Also, while the climax of the movie is suitably entertaining and serves it’s purpose, it’s slightly derivative and could have done with maybe a little more talking and focus on character.

Rating: Ultimately this is a great Marvel movie that may just be a contender for their best one yet! A solid 9/10. Wakanda Forever!


To get your Black Panther fix until the inevitable sequel check out our Black Panther range.





4 Things We Learned From the New Deadpool 2 Trailer

It may be a ritual from across the pond, but the Superbowl always guarantees one thing – new summer movie trailers! Marvel favourite Deadpool has a sequel coming out soon and the tone of the newly released trailer was trademark Deadpool. Here’s 4 things we learned.


Wade fires shots at Justice League and Avengers movie

It may have came out last year but the much maligned DC superhero ensemble flick ‘Justice League’ is not safe from Deadpool’s wit, with the trailer taking a dig at the controversial decision to CG out Henry Cavill’s mustache, acquired during filming for Mission Impossible 6. Even future release and Marvel epic ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ get’s a playful dig with Wade’s reference to his, ahem, ‘stones’ being a subtle dig at that film’s MacGuffins, the Infinity Stones.

Josh Brolin is going to rock as Cable

Josh Brolin is going to have busy summer, as well as starring as the main baddie Thanos in the mentioned Avengers movie he plays time travelling mutant Cable in Deadpool 2. A comic book favourite, Cable is an antihero in the vein of Wolverine. Whilst his unique look, that includes a metal arm and a glowing eye, would be enough on it’s own to turn heads, the trailer gives us a taste of him in action, proving he may just be badass enough to become a firm favourite.

The old squad is back

You know what they say, if it’ ain’t broke! The original movie had a great supporting cast of characters that added to the hilarity and some of the ol’ gang return, including the catchily named Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and who needs Uber when you have the handy Dopinder!

It’s still funny!

The responsibility of being better than the original is a cross to bear for all sequels but this teaser trailer gives us reason to be optimistic. It may just be a trailer but it’s funny from beginning to end and the franchise is still playing against tropes and cliches – a good indication that the movie won’t lose any of the irreverence and humour that made the first one a runway hit.

Deadpool is released in the UK on May 18. Check out our Deadpool range for more Wade Wilson goodness before then.


What’s your gym style?


We’ve all been there – the gym. Whether you just joined or found new motivation in your New Year’s resolutions, you probably noticed your local gym is much busier than usual! And that means lots of waiting and people watching.

You may have noticed the guy on the rowing machine in his vintage cut-off jeans, Iron Maiden shirt and beanie or the girls chatting on the treadmill in their neon lycra crop tops and matching leggings. Or the guy on the bench press wearing a shirt that came with his protein shake. Or the personal trainer wearing a shop so tight his man nipples are showing through!

But what about you? Does your gym kit contain pieces from your last PE lesson or faded T-shirts from long-forgotten beach holidays or your student days? Then maybe it’s time to treat yourself something more stylish to work out in. If neon lycra crops and multicoloured Zumba trainers are not your thing, have a look at our selection of toned-down sportswear and gym basics from classic brands. Hey, you might even choose to wear them on the way home or you could run to the gym in them without looking like a giant marshmallow.

Tips for choosing your gym gear

  • Breathability – Choosing the right fabric is important in choosing clothes that allow the skin to breathe. If you’re going to sweat a lot, cotton may be the way to go!
  • Sizing – Clothes that are too small or too big can restrict your movement so be sure to make sure it fits. Also a good fit can also accentuate your muscles, which always helps.
  • Season –  Remember to dress in clothes that are season appropriate to make sure you’re always comfortable.
  • Activity – Different activities require different things from your clothes e.g. flexibility, protection. Considering whether your clothing is best suited to your activity especially footwear is key to maximizing your efficiency.
  • Looks – No matter how practical your gear is, you want to look good. Feeling confident while working up a sweat can actually help you to push harder so it does matter!

Whether you’re an Instagram fanatic, colour coordinator, Uni Shop Superstar or into your normcore get yourself a gym kit that is really you and leave your Fitbit buddies wondering where all those extra steps came from!

For some of our more gym ready options view our Active, Athletic or leggings ranges.



January’s New Album Releases ft Ghost & Black Label Society

2018 is shaping up to be another great year in the world of heavy music, and things are off to a strong start this month. Just this week, in fact, we’re looking forward to not one but two massive new releases from two of our favourite bands on the circuit. Read on for a taste of what’s in store…

Ghost – Ceremony and Devotion   

Release date: 19 January

After storming the main stage during their headline set at last year’s Bloodstock, with a truly gripping run-through of the band’s ever-growing catalogue of hits, Ghost seem to be on the up and up right now. Their eagerly-awaited live album Ceremony and Devotion is out later this week, and we can’t wait to get our hands on this little souvenir of what may well be their best tour yet. The set was recorded live during their recent Popestar tour in the US, and takes us on a journey through the band’s most popular hits such as Square Hammer, Cirice and Con Clavi Con Dio.

Live, Ghost really come into their own, with their mix of music and theatrics, and the incredible magnetic power of the charismatic ‘Papa Emeritus’. Whilst a live album can’t quite recreate the visual impact of the band’s live shows, it does bring out a certain something in their performance that you won’t get from the studio versions of the songs. If you’ve seen the band live, maybe you’ll know what that something is. Maybe the way that Tobias Forge seems to catch the eye of every individual audience member, or the way that the crowd come together into something more like a congregation, as if to worship at the altar of Ghost. If you haven’t seen them yet, grab yourself a ticket as soon as you can. But in the meantime, pour yourself a glass of red wine, light some candles and come together as one with Ghost’s Ceremony and Devotion.

Black Label Society – Grimmest Hits        

Release date: 19 January

If a live Ghost album isn’t enough for you, never fear – we’ve got a double treat in store with Black Label Society’s appropriately titled ‘Grimmest Hits’ dropping on the very same day. If you’re a BLS fan you probably know what’s coming by now: a hefty slice of bluesy and groovy heavy metal with a Southern rock feel. This what the Sons of Anarchy would sound like if they formed a metal band. Grimmest Hits boasts twelve brand new tracks that are unlikely to disappoint if the singles All That Once Shined and Room of Nightmares are anything to go by. The video for Room of Nightmares shows the band literally blowing away a kids’ birthday party with their mix of stomping guitars, pounding drums and hearty vocals. All That Once Shined has a slower and more doomy sound that calls classic Black Sabbath to mind – unsurprisingly, some might say. Well, we’ve never been ones to turn down a good bit of Sabbath, and we’re curious to see what else the blues rock legends have in store for us on the album. Judging by the fan reaction to the first couple of tracks, this may be their strongest album for a few years, so don’t miss it.

Peaked your interest? Keep an eye on our Ghost range or Black Label Society range 

What other albums are you looking forward to this year? Let us know in the comments!



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New Year, New You!

Its’s 2018! And no new year would be complete without a new set of resolutions. EMP has the rundown on some handy fashion related resolutions to get your wardrobe as ready for the new year as you are!


·        Add some colour

Have you thought about bringing some colour to your closet? One of the best ways to refresh your wardrobe is by adding some new shades to your ensemble. Adding colour to your wardrobe is one of the best ways to challenge yourself and add some freshness to your style. There are multiple ways to add a new look to your wardrobe – you can add a sprinkle of new accessories, you could create new color combinations, experiment with prints – the sky’s the limit! Check out our EMP jumpers, cardigans, dresses and more to bring this extra touch to your style.


·         Organise your wardrobe

A great resolution for the new year is sorting out your wardrobe. Ever found yourself thinking you have nothing to wear? Well the chances are you do! Organising your wardrobe can help you figure out just what choices you have in your times of need. The ways to organise your wardrobe are endless:

By Season – Separating your clothes by summer and winter should make a big improvement in your wardrobe organisation and have you looking good no matter the weather!

Frequency  – Arranging your clothes by how much you use them can help you figure out what clothes are going underused or even what clothes you don’t really want any more.

Similarity – Grouping clothes that look alike is a great way to choose clothes for certain occasions e.g. partywear, house clothes.

These are just a few ways, the possibilities are endless!

Once you’ve decided how you’re going to organise your clothes, storage is next. Keeping everything stored in it’s correct place, can be a great tool in keeping your pieces organised and a great gift to future you! So whether it’s using boxes, drawers, bags, rails, cupboards, stands, hangers, cabinets just use one rule – everything should be stored!

·         Throw it away!

Whether it’s clothes, shoes or accessories, it’s simple – keep everything you like that’s useful and  throw away the rest! Don’t hesitate – are those tops way too small for you? too big? Completely faded? Then they have no reason to be part of your wardrobe!

If the idea of throwing stuff away puts you off, simply give them away or resell them! Reselling your unwanted clothing will not only give more storage space in your wardrobe but also bring more extra pocket money to buy new basics you need for 2018.

The items you consider out of date or old fashioned can always be precious pieces for someone else. In fact vintage clothes are a great trend nowadays (just ask Macklemore) so why not give it a go and become an active online seller – eBay’s calling! If you’re not comfortable with online, a boot sale is always a great alternative to getting rid, just check the events happening around your area and get involved.


·         Get active!

No list of New Year resolutions is complete without the daddy of all resolutions – getting down the gym!  Picking a nice outfit is something that can be neglected when looking for something as functional as sportswear. But a good looking gym kit can boost your confidence which can actually help fuel your motivation to work out more and stay longer at the gym! Also it’s worth mentioning that wearing sportwear outside your gym is becoming trendy and is only getting trendier. Sports style is becoming more and more  of an on-street fashion, so a good piece of activewear can have a great piece for all occasions!


Check out our mens and womens clothing ranges for some 2018 clothing inspiration.



The top 10 Star Wars themed merch to buy right now

Unless you have been stuck in the swamps of the Dagobah system, you will know the new Star Wars installment The Last Jedi came out last week. We thought this would be the perfect time to highlight some of our favourite pieces of merch for you to check out. Whether you’re a fan of the prequels, original trilogy or the current saga, EMP has all the Star Wars merchandise you need to keep yourself surrounded by the Force!

Jedi Bathrobe

This Jedi bathrobe is your only hope to replicate the look that Obi Wan Kenobi has in the first Star Wars outing A New Hope. With a belt and sewn in tunic the only thing you need to complete the look is a handy lightsabre! Given the time of year, this would be the perfect addition to the back of anyone’s bedroom door.


Ewok Mini Rucksack


The Ewoks were a much controversial addition to the third movie, Return of the Jedi, but undoubtedly make a good design for our mini rucksack. But don’t worry, no Ewok’s were harmed in the making of this backpack! With adjustable shoulder straps this pint sized handbag alternative is big on comfort and ginormous on fluffyness.

The Last Jedi – Her Universe – Rey cardigan

Strong, bold and brave, Rey is undoubtedly the breakout star of the new trilogy, and you can mold yourself in the saga’s new hero’s image with this Rey cardigan; pairing fashion and Star Wars has never looked so good!

BB-8 Funko Pop!

Get yourself the next best thing to a real droid, with this BB-8 Funko Pop! As the cutest new robot in the saga he (or she?) has been a welcomed new entry to our family of loved Star Wars characters.

Rey Perfume

Fill your senses with this Star Wars perfume: a light floral and citrusy smell, designed to mimic the qualities of Rey with a sleek, androgynous finish. The rose gold bottle making it awesomely stylish as well as boasting an outer space vibe.

Jedi Slippers

Want to be comfortable and a follower of the Good Side of the Force? We’ve got you (and you’re feet) covered! No Jedi is complete without this pair of Jedi Slippers. Pair these with the Jedi dressing gown and you’re ready for a Star Wars marathon!


The Last Jedi T- Shirt

Seen the new movie or just dying of anticipation? Well there’s no better way to let the world know that than with our Last Jedi t-shirt. Picturing Rey accepting her destiny and holding up her lightsabre – the perfect addition to any Star Wars fans wardrobe.


Porg Skirt


This stylish piece pays tribute to perhaps the cutest character Star Wars has ever seen!


Cantina Band On Tour T-Shirt

It’s one of our bestselling products, so no Star Wars merch list would be complete without our Star Wars Cantina band shirt. Relive one of the most iconic scenes of the series with this Mos Eisley t shirt.

Porg Funko Pop!

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any cuter, Porgs have been made into a Funko Pop! – a must have for your Funko Pop! collection.

Like what you see? Take a look at our full Star Wars range for more goodies from a galaxy far far away!