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Harry Potter – Hogwarts Mystery: What We Know So Far

So I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now that this year is going to be the best year ever. Why’s that you ask? Because there’s a new Harry Potter gameHogwarts Mystery – coming to smartphones!

There hasn’t been a Harry Potter game released in 6 years so when JK Rowling announced it on Pottermore, we nearly lost our minds!


What we know so far:

Players create their own Hogwarts student and live life at the Wizarding School between Harry’s birth and his admission to Hogwarts.

They can go to classes (I definitely would like to go to the Boggart class!), learn skills of the magical kind (Accio please) and make friends or enemies with other students.

Players can make decisions for their character influencing their journey through Hogwarts as they develop as a wizard or witch.

There will be familiar faces including Professor Snape, Mr Ollivander and even Fang!

Check out the latest trailer below:

The game will be created by Jam City in partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. They set up Portkey Games label last year which is the new Wizarding World games label. On Pottermore it was announced that they will “work with talented creators to build games that focus on player-generated stories, which will live alongside the magical universe created by JK Rowling.”


The CEO and co-founder Chris DeWolfe says “this game is a labour of love for our developers and artists, who are dedicated to creating the most magical entertainment and game play experience for everyone who adores J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World.


Hogwarts Mystery will face competition: mobile game developer Niantic who developed Pokemon Go are planning the release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite this year. It will use the same augmented reality technology as Pokemon Go to superimpose the magical world of Harry Potter into our very regular real world.


It sounds like us Harry Potter fans have a lot to look forward to this year – I can’t wait to see what wand Ollivander chooses for me and trying to avoid disappointing Snape!


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will be available via the App Store and Google Play in 2018. Until then get ready for the game release with our Harry Potter merch!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

emp valentines gift guide

14th February – definitely a date to remember… but if you need reminding it’s Valentine’s Day! (You’re welcome). Although a lovely thing to celebrate, Christmas wasn’t long ago and you used up all your gift ideas then. So what do you do? Well you’re in the right place!


To help you get inspiration for the perfect gift, we asked the people of Camden Town what their perfect gift was but they had to answer for their partner – they had some interesting responses… Check out the video below:

Still need more ideas? We’ve put together the ultimate Valentines gift guide for all kinds of people – from gamers, to movie fanatics to metal heads. We’re bound to have the perfect gift for your partner!

Gifts for her


This sophisticated but no less magical Wingardium Leviosa Blouse is a brilliant gift for any Harry Potter fan who wants to show their love for the Wizarding World in a more subtle way – perfect for date night!

harry potter blouse


Is your partner a Disney lover? You can’t go wrong with this  Marie Backpack – Not only practical but seriously cute!


disney marie backpack


Every girl needs a pocket mirror for her bag (or pocket) and what better way to treat her like a princess than buying her this gorgeous Princess Pocket Mirror?


disney pocket mirror



Possibly the cutest necklace in history? Any girl is bound to adore this White Fox Heart Necklaceshe won’t want to take it off!

white fox necklace


What would Valentine’s be without the kindest creature of all? This Baymax Mother-Of-Pearl Funko Pop! is the perfect Valentine’s edition to any Funko Pop collection!

baymax funko pop

Gifts for him


This Game Of Thrones Wallet and Keyring  is a perfect addition to every mans back pocket! Any Game of Thrones fan is destined to love this gift box.

game of thrones wallet and keyring


What better way to say ‘I love you’ than a classic LP? This AC/DC LP is a great addition to any record collectors collection!

ac dc vinyl lp


Is your partner a Batman fan? This  Batman Logo T-shirt would definitely be a hit! Stylish and classic, every fan would be over the moon with this gift.

batman logo t shirt


Put some force into your partner’s coffee with this BB-8 3D mug – awesome and fun!

BB8 Mug

This Zelda cap is a really cool present for any gamers out there!

zelda baseball cap

Or maybe Call Of Duty is more his game? If so, this Call Of Duty WWII Sweater  is the present! And it’s exclusive to EMP!

call of duty ww11 hoodie

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EMP’s Alternative Christmas Gift Guide

So it’s that time of year again… I’m not talking about the time for mulled wine, Wham! on repeat and dying of heat stroke on the train from too many layers. No, I’m talking about the time where you have the agonising thought of finding the perfect gift for your family. You start analysing their personality and spying on their things to find out what they don’t have that they should have – basically turning into a bit of a stalker. Well, call me Santa because all your wishes for answers are right here in my sack (or blog post).

Gifts for Mum

Lets kick things off with one of the hardest people to buy for. Think outside the box of perfume or scented candle and get her something that really shows you’ve put some thought into it – like this Groot handbag (B), a pretty present for any Guardians of the Galaxy fan. Every woman’s bag needs a mirror and this rose gold Aladdin pocket mirror (A) one is destined to be a winner.

The way to any Mum’s heart is through tea so give Mrs Potts and Chip a day off and get this magical tea pot and mug (C) to make Mum feel like the most special guest. Or maybe she’s a Game of Thrones fan and this House Targaryen pillow (D) is just what she needs to add a touch of royalty to the living room.

Gifts for Dad

Now I know all Dad’s love a pair of socks but he only has two feet (and he’s still getting through his birthday socks). Get him something a little different like this awesome Star Wars Cantina Band On Tour t-shirt (B).

Or get him something he can use every day and put some force into Dad’s day with this awesome Darth Vader mug (A) or warm him up in the winter breeze with this House Stark Cup (E).

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas if it didn’t involve Dad trying to get everyone involved in a game in the evening – this amazing Great Hall puzzle (D) is perfect for that or challenge him one on one with Laser Tag (C). If these games arn’t his thing, we have plenty more board games and puzzles to choose from!


Gifts for Brother

Christmas is the time of year when you gotta take a break from winding each other up and appreciate each other…

Thank god that’s over. Now onto what you could give your bro (other than a kick under the table). This ultra-cosy Batman dressing gown (E) is just what any DC fan needs this time of year to wrap up and get cosy (or hang it on the back of your head and pretend it’s a cape – we won’t judge!)

Or is he a Walking Dead fan but too cool for a Christmas jumper? Get your brother this sick Have a Smashing Holiday t shirt (C). If Game of Thrones is his series, this awesome I Drink and I Know Things t-shirt (A) is bound to be a hit.

Get schwifty in this I’m Pickle Rick jumper (D) – it’s a must for any Rick and Morty fan this Christmas! For any gamers, this Call of Duty wallet (B) is the perfect place for him to keep all the gaming gift cards he’s gonna get for Xmas.


Gifts for Sister

So let’s face it, most of us have a love hate relationship with our sibling so this cute Stay Weird Alice in Wonderland top (D) is a perfect tongue in cheek gift. If the season of goodwill has got to you, show her she’s the rose between two thrones with this delicate Beauty and the Beast necklace (C).

Bring out her dark side (the side that used to hit you when your mum wasn’t looking) with this awesome Villain hairbrush (E) or these Nightmare Before Christmas PJ’s (F) (even though she might be a nightmare all the time – not just before Christmas!). We’ve got lots more Disney merch waiting for you!

Maybe Harry Potter is her love? This Letter From Hogwarts clutch bag (A) is an amazing addition to any night out! As well as this Deathly Hallow’s black and gold bracelet (B)– that we know you’ll just buy so you can borrow it.

Gifts for anyone!

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a family game of something to add to the festivities and The Walking Dead themed Monopoly (A) is just the game to get everyone involved. And when you’re tired out from all the fun, this ACDC blanket (B) is the perfect addition to the sofa to make cosying up that bit more Rock’n’Roll.

When it comes to Funko Pop’s, there’s figures for so many types of people that you won’t be able to make your mind up! A good place to start is with these guys: Kromopulos Michael (C), Boggart as Snape (D) and Balrog (E) – all beautiful in their own way and great gifts for all different kinds of fans! Check out our full range of Funko Pops.

At EMP, we have something for everyone. If you can’t find the perfect gift in this list, it’s waiting for you somewhere on our website!

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NEW! Warcraft official merchandise!

world of warcraft banner image emp


Since 1994 , Blizzard Entertainment has entertained us with fabulous games from the Warcraft series on a regular basis. It all began with ‘Warcraft: Orcs & Humans’ where the humans of Azeroth had to defend themselves against invading hordes of Orcs to escape slavery.

The game was so successful within the gamers community that the sequel ‘Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness’ followed only one year later. The third part was released only in 2002. Up to that point, all the titles had been real-time strategy games, but in 2004, Blizzard Entertainment dared to push forward into new territories and issued a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) – or THE definite MMORPG, to be precise, namely World of Warcraft.

Since its release, the game has drawn together a gigantic community of fans and won countless awards, still holding the record of being the most popular multiplayer online role game since 2009. Besides the computer worlds, there are numerous books with information on the Warcraft universe, about certain events, heroes and interrelations relating to the series. Then, there are the comics, art books and short stories, not to mention  convention going super-fans with a full body WoW costumes!

This is likely to expand into movie and TV series conventions now, because this year ‘Warcraft: The Beginning’ will hit cinemas. As usual, you can get your fan merch here at EMP!

In our EMP Online Shop, you will find a huge range of amazing Warcraft merchandise for men and women…and many must haves for all fans of the series. Game on!

World of Warcraft T-shirts

selection of worlf of warcraft t shirts from emp

World of Warcraft Hoodies

selection of world of warcraft hoodies at emp

World of Warcraft Leggings

world of warcraft leggings at EMP

World of Warcraft Dresses

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