Festival Essentials: The EMP Camping Set

camping and festivals at EMP

What better way to camp out at the festival this year to proudly display the iconic rock hand on your tent! Don’t worry, we have done all the hard work for you with our custom EMP Camping set!

emp camping set including tent and sleeping bag

The EMP Camping set consists of a tent, a sleeping bag and a camping mat:

Shelter tent made of 170T polyamide (300 mm waterproof). The outer casing is made of 190T polyurethane (1.000 mm waterproof). Floor made of polyethene 105g/m2. The poles are made of fiberglass and have a diameter of 6.9 mm.
Size: 200 cm, x 145 cm x 110 cm.

Sleeping Bag:
Warm sleeping bag made of 210T polyester (watertight) with a lining made of 100% cotton. Can be opened and closed by a zipper. The sleeping bag is packed in a sleeping bag sleeve.
Size: length: 170 cm + 40 cm head part, width: 75 cm.

Camping Mat:
Size: length: 150 cm, width: 70 cm, height: 10 mm.
The camping mat made of polyethene keeps you warm and dry.


Backpacks for camping at EMP

bags and backpacks fro camping and festivals

EMP Camping Pavilion Tent

emp camping pavillion tent

EMP Camping Table

emp camping table and drinks holder

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