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Gothicana: How To Wear Black In Summer

After what felt quite a lot like a never-ending winter, summer is finally on its way. Which means we’re shedding our coats and boots and thinking about holiday plans, beer gardens and of course our summer wardrobes! This season’s all about bright mini dresses, denim hotpants, neon heels and Hawaiian-print shirts, right?

Or – if you’re us, it’s more about figuring out how to avoid burning our whiter-than-white bodies at the inevitable festivals this year, and whether or not an all-black beachwear look is a thing (hint – yes, it is!). If, like us, you’re all about maintaining your immaculate Gothic look well into the sunnier months then welcome – you’re in the right place!

Fortunately for all of us for whom summer is not exactly our natural habitat, Gothicana by EMP has got our (slightly burnt) backs with a huge range of summer-ready clothing that absolutely does NOT feature any bright prints, florals or orange and yellow. I mean, do these designers not know how bad us pale girls look in yellow? Oh, and to make shopping for your not-so-summery summer wardrobe even easier and more fun, we’re currently offering an amazing 15% discount on the whole Gothicana range if you use the code EMPUKGOTH15

So let’s dive in and have a look at a few of our favourite pieces from the range that are destined to be part of our festival and holiday looks this year.

I for one cannot be without a good corset or three, and while admittedly I have been wearing them on nights out even during the winter, I think that the right corset is an absolute MUST for festival season. Not all corsets are ideal at a festival though, as you also want to be able to dance and have fun, as well as looking amazing. In my opinion, the Namrael corset ticks all the boxes. This overbust corset is lined with cotton so it’s more breathable and comfy than many other corsets, but without sacrificing an ounce of glamour. The lace detailing is so on point, and it makes a perfect ‘cross-over’ corset that can be worn either with a dramatic skirt or with jeans for a more everyday look.

gothicana namrael corset

I’m going to be wearing mine with the Belladonna skirt, which is a simple and casual summer mini skirt with just enough of a hint of lace peeking out from underneath to keep things interesting, and the New Rock Dryade heeled boots – which are definitely worth grabbing while they’re discounted rather than forking out full price! Just check out the subtle floral embossing and the way that the lacing loops back through the heel. This is the level of detailing that I need in my shoes!

In case you’re going to hit the beach or pool at some point, you might also want to check out the Rockaway Beach bikini which keeps things interesting with the elaborate straps across the chest and cut-outs at the sides of the briefs. It looks even more perfect if you have a tattoo or two. Accessories with the biggest possible sunglasses and factor 50. Maybe I’ll even go the whole way and shade myself with the Varnish Umbrella. Is it cool or too much? I still can’t decide, so please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Of course summer wouldn’t be complete without a dress or two. I am going to risk my metal-girl credentials here a bit and say that I am actually loving this Oh Boy! dress. Yes I know that pastels might not seem like the most obvious choice, but check out the spookily adorable bat print. Sometimes it’s just too hot for black, and I will definitely be throwing this in my holiday suitcase. Can’t find what you want here? Check out the rest of our Gothicana range where we have hundred of items waiting for you!

Don’t forget, the amazing 15% discount is valid on all Gothicana clothing and accessories until 29th April. Just use the code EMPUKGOTH15 to treat yourself. Oh and tag us in your gorgeous outfits on Instagram, of course! See you at M’era Luna!


Alex Turner

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