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NEW! Alice Through The Looking Glass official merchandise now in stock!

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Journey with us into Wonderland and experience the crazy adventures of Alice, the Mad hatter, the Cheshire Cat and many more strange characters! Wonderland has changed. over time the land mutates more and more into a depressing and boring landscape. To save Wonderland in the exciting new Disney movie ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’, Alice has to enter a mysterious world, to find a magical scepter to stop Time! Additionally she also has to save the Mad Hatter!

To celebrate this fantastic, new, magical movie, we have a huge range of all new, official Alice In Wonderland merchandise, including dresses, jackets, tops & t-shirts, Funko Pop figures and more!

Check out the full range here and begin your magical journey through Wonderland!

Alice In Wonderland Dresses

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Alice In Wonderland Jumpers and Hoodies

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Alice In Wonderland T-shirts & Tops

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