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NEW! Deadpool merchandise now available!


In anticipation of the awesome new movie adaption of everyone’s favourite Marvel character Deadpool, we now have a ton of great new, officially licensed Deadpool merchandise!

Did you think Wolverine was the bad boy of the Marvel universe? Then you clearly haven’t met Deadpool!


The masked havoc-wreaker in his black-red outfit acts the big shot, has a severe personality disorder and only has limited accountability, making his appearances extremely entertaining. However, he does have something in common with Wolverine: Deadpool has great self-healing capabilities, allowing him to even reattach severed limbs to his body. The mercenary with the big mouth (as he is called) is also a really great marksman and swordsman.

What makes Deadpool unique is the fact that he is aware of being in a comic. He frequently talks to the readers, he can change his fate and has killed all the superheroes in the comic “Deadpool kills the Marvel universe”. It isn’t real anyways! He also had a movie appearance in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. Now Deadpool is awarded with his very own movie desperately awaited by the fan community.

Being evil can be so much fun!

The merc with a mouth is coming to the big screen soon…so show your love for this badass character with our range of t-shorts. tops, hoodies and more!


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