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Black Sabbath certainly have some stories in the treasure chest of their band history – and some of them will remain untold for sure. But apart from their line-up changes and drug escapades, Black Sabbath are mainly famous for their musical contribution. Ozzy Osbourne & Co. are among the pioneers of Heavy Metal and belong to the most important bands of all time, second to only Led Zeppelin. Guitar player Tony Iommi is the only steady member, being a rock in the stormy sea for Black Sabbath, and their musical head at the same time. The debut already got a lot of attention, shocking the English population. “Paranoid” was also released in 1970 – it charted and caused some considerable alarm too! The band members dealt with the success – each his own way: In 1979, Ozzy Osbourne quit Black Sabbath due to drug problems. After successful rehab, he committed himself to his solo career. Until 1995, the band (with a line-up consisting of various different musicians including Ronnie James Dio and Ian Gillan!) released several rock album gems well-known even to the average collector. In 1997, Black Sabbath announced that they would perform again in their original line-up, with Ozzy Osbourne at the microphone, resulting in the live album “Reunion”: a proof of the band’s still-existing original splendour. At that time, people started to demand a new studio album from Black Sabbath. “13” is the 19th studio album delivered by the doom pioneers.

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