EMP Exclusives! – Volbeat – Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies Limited Deluxe Edition

If you didn’t know already, EMP often stock special, exclusive editions of an album, a must for fans and collectors! We are pleased to announce that we now have an exclusive edition of the recent Volbeat album ‘Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies’! This version is the 2CD, 7″ + Book and Wallet Chain Edition! Priced at just £29.99, this Limited, Deluxe edition is only at EMP!

Volbeat Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies at EMP!Read Our EMP album review for this album:

by Peter Kupfer

Volbeat have established their own genre with their music, and with their fifth album “Outlaw gentlemen & shady ladies” they follow the rules and road they set up in 2000 straight like an arrow. This time, though, the Poulsen gang has added some extra weight – the tracks are laden with even more diversity, deepness, and clout. ‘Room 24’, for example, is an epic and dark song featuring the mighty King Diamond at the mike – although he usually tries to avoid collaborations. But there’s a light side, too: ‘Pearl hart’ is a smasher, airy, joyful, and a contender for a “best summer song 2013” competition… ‘Black bart’ is its counterweight: one of the heaviest songs ever written by Volbeat, but still being a perfect part of the track package. “Outlaw gentlemen & shady ladies” impresses with its homogeneity and compactness – how do they manage to deliver such gems each time? Always evolving, never repeating themselves… Hats (or Stetsons) off to the Danes -this one hits the bull’s eye, again.


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