Judas Priest Complete album collection – Now available!

Judas Priest are metal gods as we all know, now for the first time you can get your sweaty, eager hands on a boxed set that contains all of their Studio albums! This 19 CD set includes Rocka rolla, Sad wings of destiny, Sin after sin, Stained class, Killing machine, Unleashed in the east, British steel, Point of entry, Screaming for vengeance, Defenders of the faith, Turbo, Priest… Live!, Ram it down, Painkiller, Angel of retribution, Nostradamus, Touch of evil – Live! All enclosed in a nice box, this is a great place to start if you are discovering Priest for the first time, or looking for those missing albums from back in the day! Priced at £51.99, that works out at under £2.73 per disc of Priest! Nice!

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