Motörhead – The final album ‘Clean Your Clock’ released on Friday!


Motörhead will “Clean your clock”! One of the last shows ever played by Motörhead – Munich, November 2015- was recorded and will be released this Friday (10.06.16)!

‘Clean Your Clock’ is released as a DVD & CD combination in a digipak (the DVD also includes plenty of bonus material). Furthermore, the package is delivered with a pop-art motif (the elaborate pop-up motif shows the band in a live scenario with the “Bomber” plane in the background).

The spirit of Motörhead has never been more vital than on their tours, when they thrilled the audience and released their inexorable cocktail of concentrated power and deafening volume on the fans. Even after four decades of bone crushing performances, Motörhead still enjoyed sold-out gigs around the world. UDR Records decided to record the shows on November 20th and 21st, 2015 in the Zenith in Munich and Motörhead played two truly brilliant concerts. The audience witnessed thunderous rock ‘n’ roll shows, which could hold a candle to the breakneck speed of their early years that had made them famous. Lemmy sounds perfect, sometimes growling, and singing in a way that will surpass all of your wildest expectations. Phil Campbell got better with every concert and Mikkey Dee took the art of playing drums to the highest level to prove again why he has the reputation as one of the most desirable drummers around.

So, turn up the volume, as Lemmy and Motörhead always say: Don’t forget us, we are Motörhead and we play rock’n’roll!


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