NEW Competition! Your chance to WIN a JACKSON JS22-Dinky!

JACKSON JS22-DinkyE-Guitar JS22 Dinky by Jackson

E-Guitar JS22 Dinky by Jackson

Closing date: 29.05.2016

There’s no one left to protect us from what lurks in the dark.

The monsters have won.

Our world now belongs to them…
… a world, where only the damned remain. Among them is Alberic Van Helsing, addict, murderer and survivor.

Once a feared monster hunter, the creatures that were once Van Helsing’s prey, now hunt him down. But when an ancient evil awakes, that both men and monsters alike fear, it falls to Alberic to become the hunter once again and save the neo-gothical world.

Do you love Gore and Splatter? Do you love Heavy Metal? Then take note, as on May 13th you can grab yourself the monster-novella or enjoy the bloody bundle!

Also, YOU have the chance of winning this JACKSON JS22-Dinky, which shines the most while producing the heavy sounds. Just answer our competition question and maybe you are the lucky winner!!

Good Luck and Rock on !!!
Your EMP-Crew


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