Vinyl lives at EMP!


Remember when the packaging was just as special as the music? Remember giant gatefold sleeves you could get lost in whilst listening to that faint crackle as your new album got it’s first spin? Vinyl, with it’s rich and unique sound all but disappeared at one point to make way for tapes and CD’s, but a slow resurgence lead to a second vinyl revolution as the lovable format spun it’s way back into our hearts! Here at EMP, we don’t believe the vinyl ever died, in fact it’s better than ever with special editions and boxed sets and additional digital download codes! Our selection of rock and metal vinyl is simply huge, if there has been a vinyl pressing, we will always try to get stock of it. Check out our full range of albums and build your collection. You know what they say, it always sounds ‘better’ on vinyl!

vinyl at emp


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