Harry Potter Gift Ideas

Poor, orphaned Harry Potter had so many disappointing Christmases before arriving at Hogwarts, but then his luck changed and with it came an avalanche of wonderful gifts, (plus one too many hand-knitted sweaters from Mrs Wesley). Books about quidditch, bags of dung bombs, or literally anything to do with magic – picking the right gift for Harry Potter is easy because everyone knows what he likes. But what about picking the right gift for someone that likes Harry Potter? Well, that’s easy too.

Accio Harry Potter Gifts!

T-shirts, hoodies, trousers, sweatshirts, bathrobes, jeans, capes, dresses, shirts, cardigans, pyjamas, varsity jackets, socks, boxers, leggings, gloves and beanies – Expect it all. You can summon over 500 different Harry Potter items right now from our online shop. At EMP gift-giving doesn’t have to be harder than wizards chess. As long as you know what someone is in too – whether that’s music, gaming, movies or a TV series – you can easily find suitable gifts for any fan. And the best part of all: you can buy gifts for your favourite Potter Heads online.

Since we are huge fans of the wizarding world at EMP we thought we’d pick our favourite gifts for Harry Potter fans. Create a bit of magic in someone’s life with these Harry Potter gifts for the young and young at heart.

EMP Top picks – Harry Potter Gifts

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