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For a lot of men Star Wars is a big deal. In a 2011 census in the UK 177,000 people declared themselves as followers of Jediism – making it the 7th most popular ‘religion’ here. And since the first Star Wars movie was released in 1977, Lucasfilm has licensed nearly £30 billion worth of merchandise, including everything from action figures to video games.


Star Wars changed the world. Well, at least the world of popular culture, and in doing so generated a community of hardcore followers, eager to show the world how much they love this iconic film series. But, if you are not a Star Wars fan, buying a gift for someone that is can be quite challenging.


To save you some time reading up about the series, we’ve put together a handy list of gifts for men, that every Star Wars fan will love.


‘The Empire’ Black Logo Slippers (£13.99)

A pair of black men’s slippers emblazoned with the symbol of the Galactic Empire on the front and the words ‘Star Wars’ on the inside. These cool but stylish slippers are available in Uk sizes 9-11.5.

Stormtrooper Bathrobe (£46.99)

Embroidered on both front and back this very fluffy men’s Stormtrooper bathrobe is available in sizes up to 3XL. The perfect gift for Star Wars fans!

**EMP Exclusive** Darth Vadar T-shirt (£27.99) 

Featuring a black base garment this stylish Darth Vadar T-shirt is an EMP Exclusive and can’t be bought from anywhere else in Europe. The perfect addition to any Star Wars fans wardrobe.

Stormtrooper Electronic Voice Changer Helmet (£110.99)

Transform into a member of the Galactic Empire with this realistic, movie-accurate reproduction Stormtrooper helmet. This collector-grade product can also electronically change the voice of the wearer to sound like an Imperial Stormtrooper!

Baby Yoda Christmas Jumper (£55.99)

Put on your Star Wars socks and settle in to watch ‘A New Hope’ for the eight-hundredth time with this super cute Baby Yoda Christmas jumper.

Star Wars Periodic Table T-shirt (£16.99)

‘The Periodic Table of Star Wars’ – This high-quality fashion item is guaranteed to be a hit with any Star Wars fan.

Tie Fighter Boxer Shorts (£23.99)

Tie Fighters have a rich history throughout the Star Wars universe and what better way to offer an intimate connection to this unforgettable symbol of the Imperial fleet than with your boxer shorts. This pack of 3 high-quality black and red mid-rise boxer shorts is available in sizes up to 5XL.

Cool Yoda T-Shirt (£14.99)

Every Star Wars fan knows that Yoda is a cool guy, but being nearly 900 years old he is not usually seen wearing sunglasses and DJ headphones. In this stylish black ‘Yoda Cool’ T-shirt from EMP Master Yoda goes on the razzle. Yoda is a contemporary dude!

Baby Yoda Mobile / Controller Holder (£23.99)

The number one accessory for any Star Wars fan, this baby Yoda figure is designed to hold either a mobile phone or a games controller. Not just super cute to look at, it comes with a 2 metre micro USB & type C charging cable for charging your devices.

40th Anniversary Imperial Search Droid (£36.99)

Celebrate 40 Years of The Empire Strikes Back with this anniversary edition imperial search droid. This deluxe item has 5 poseable, articulated limbs and comes with a special display stand so that it can take pride of place on an office desk or bedroom shelf.

Star Wars Soundtrack on vinyl (£29.99)

For a true fan, nothing will ever replace Star Wars and for true vinyl lovers, there’s no substitute either. The most acclaimed and enduring film music in Hollywood history combined with the romantic crackling sound of a vinyl record player. This is the ultimate gift for a Star Wars fan that owns vinyl!

Neon R2D2 T-Shirt (£18.99)

Everyone’s favourite droid takes centre stage in this neon R2D2 t-shirt. This white standard fit men’s t-shirt comes with a round neck and features a huge neon R2D2 print right across the front.

Storm ‘Pooper’ Framed Image (£16.99)

Measuring 30 x 40 cm, this high-quality collectable Stormtrooper printed image comes with a 25mm thick plastic frame and shatterproof plastic pane. The perfect gift to brighten up an office, garage, media room or spare bedroom.

The Black Series – Count Dooku – Force FX Lightsaber (£184.99)

From Luke’s iconic green one to Darth Maul’s dual-bladed weapon to Kylo Ren’s crossguard design – no weapon is more deeply entwined with Star Wars than a lightsaber. This replica weapon from EMP is the perfect gift for the man that has everything!

R2D2 Mug (£18.99)

Not only has this ceramic mug been designed in the iconic R2D2 shape, but it also features a handy removable lid to keep your drinks warm. Perfect for any Star Wars fan.

Darth Vadar Pillow (£18.99)

Part of a series of collectable characters, this reversible plush Darth Vadar pillow measures 8cm thick and is incredibly soft. Perfect for any man cave or to give a stylish bachelor pad a hint of humour.


The Dark Side Tracksuit Bottoms (£24.99)

“Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them.” But your eyes do not deceive you Obi-Wan Kenobi, and you CAN trust them, because yes this is official Star Wars Leisurewear. Guaranteed to be a hit with every fan.

The Mandalorian Mug (£16.99)

Are you ready to fight as a Jedi against the Sith or do you need your morning coffee first? No problem! This amazing Mandalorian themed Star Wars mug is stylish enough for the home or office.

The Mandalorian 2021 Wall Calendar (£9.99)

The Mandalorian Official 2021 Poster Calendar is for the ultimate Star Wars fan and displays a memorable picture from the new series each month. Write all you important dates in the boxes provided, whilst you follow the Mandalorian Bounty hunter and his exploits beyond the reaches of the New Republic.

Yoda Mouse Mat (£7.99)

‘Wars Not Make One Great’. So true Yoda. Upgrade any home office with this mouse pad displaying a high-quality Yoda print. The large surface area offers an improved gaming experience, while the rubber backing ensures that the mouse pad does not slip. May the Force be with you!

3D Stormtrooper Keyring Pendant (£7.99)

Sometimes less is more and this wallet saving heavy-duty durable keyring is going to be a hit with Star Wars fans of every age. Moulded in the shape of a Stormtroopers head this 3D keychain pendant also comes with an enamel finish and a metal ring to it attach to a set of keys.

Death Star Battle Set Fridge Magnets (£6.99)

Ideal for decorating a fridge, this Death Star Battle magnet set is a great gift for Star Wars fans. In addition to the Death Star itself, magnets include TIE fighters, the Millennium Falcon and X-Wings. Attach your plans to build a new Death Star to your fridge and create your own battle scenes!

Pew Pew Pew Swim Shorts (£27.99)

Every occasion is an opportunity to show your love for Star Wars – even swimming! Featuring a large front print on the left leg and an insert with all-over print on the right leg these epic Star Wars swim shorts come with stylish contrasting red seam stripes. Take your love of Star Wars everywhere – to the gym or beach, or even on holiday.

Darth Vadar Mobile Phone Holder (£23.99)

Standing 20 centimetres tall and styled on the dark Sith Lord himself, this cable guy phone holder will reliably hold your expensive technology. It comes with a three-meter-long micro-USB cable included Lightning adapter – simply place your smartphone, PS4 or Nintendo controller in the hands of Darth Vader and he will protect them!

Welcome To The Darkside Doormat (£17.99)

This “Welcome To The Dark Side” doormat from Star Wars features iconic lettering and perfect Darth Vader likeness. The high-quality doormat is made from robust coconut fibres and PVC, so you can delight with Vadar and his dark power for a long time.

Chewbacca Decorative Cushion (£27.99)

This fluffy Chewbacca cushion will be the highlight on any fans sofa. The decorative “Chewbacca” cushion features polyester ‘fur’ and even has the Chewbacca belt accessory slung diagonally across the front.

The Mandalorian Enamel Pin Badge (£7.99)

Officially-licensed Star Wars pin badge in the shape of the bounty hunters helmet from The Mandalorian TV series, which is set after the fall of the empire. Presented on a genuine branded card, the badge measures 3 x 3.5 cm and fastens with a push pin fixing.

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