What’s your gym style?


We’ve all been there – the gym. Whether you just joined or found new motivation in your New Year’s resolutions, you probably noticed your local gym is much busier than usual! And that means lots of waiting and people watching.

You may have noticed the guy on the rowing machine in his vintage cut-off jeans, Iron Maiden shirt and beanie or the girls chatting on the treadmill in their neon lycra crop tops and matching leggings. Or the guy on the bench press wearing a shirt that came with his protein shake. Or the personal trainer wearing a shop so tight his man nipples are showing through!

But what about you? Does your gym kit contain pieces from your last PE lesson or faded T-shirts from long-forgotten beach holidays or your student days? Then maybe it’s time to treat yourself something more stylish to work out in. If neon lycra crops and multicoloured Zumba trainers are not your thing, have a look at our selection of toned-down sportswear and gym basics from classic brands. Hey, you might even choose to wear them on the way home or you could run to the gym in them without looking like a giant marshmallow.

Tips for choosing your gym gear

  • Breathability – Choosing the right fabric is important in choosing clothes that allow the skin to breathe. If you’re going to sweat a lot, cotton may be the way to go!
  • Sizing – Clothes that are too small or too big can restrict your movement so be sure to make sure it fits. Also a good fit can also accentuate your muscles, which always helps.
  • Season –  Remember to dress in clothes that are season appropriate to make sure you’re always comfortable.
  • Activity – Different activities require different things from your clothes e.g. flexibility, protection. Considering whether your clothing is best suited to your activity especially footwear is key to maximizing your efficiency.
  • Looks – No matter how practical your gear is, you want to look good. Feeling confident while working up a sweat can actually help you to push harder so it does matter!

Whether you’re an Instagram fanatic, colour coordinator, Uni Shop Superstar or into your normcore get yourself a gym kit that is really you and leave your Fitbit buddies wondering where all those extra steps came from!

For some of our more gym ready options view our Active, Athletic or leggings ranges.


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