The EMP Summer 2017 Catalogue is Here – New Guardians of the Galaxy Merch, Disney Clothing and More!

EMP Summer 2017 Catalogue

332 pages of the best in alternative fashion and music and entertainment merchandise, free of charge, every three months.

Happy new catalogue day! If the postman hasn’t dropped your copy onto the doormat yet, you can view the summer 2017 issue online. From there, just click on any items that take your fancy and you’ll be taken directly to the product page at EMP.co.uk to add it to your basket! And if you’re not signed up to receive the catalogue, head over to the EMP catalogue page, fill in your details and we’ll have 332 pages of clothing, jewellery, accessories and awesome merch in the post to you in a jiffy!

Tons of amazing items have been added to our range since the last catalogue. Shall we take a look at what’s new?



Guardians of the Galaxy Merchandise

New Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise from EMP

Catalogue p2, p154, p172, p175, p311 and at our Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise page

We are Groot! Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was every bit the hit we thought it would be, and the EMP summer catalogue’s cover stars have brought us a stack of merchandise to celebrate. If you liked the tee Chris Pratt was rocking throughout the movie, this Star-Lord cosplay replica t-shirt (E) is for you, whilst the EMP-exclusive Nebula dress (B) and Gamora dress (A) are perfect for the ladies (disclaimer: you don’t have to be constantly at war with each other to wear these). A certain tiny tree was the real star of the show, of course, and the little fella is well represented amongst our new Guardians merchandise. This Baby Groot women’s tank top (D) means you can keep him close all day long, and is also available as a men’s (C), men’s plus size (C), and white (F) versions. If you want to keep him safely at home or at work, what could be more adorable than a Baby Groot Funko Pop! figure (G)?




Gothicana by EMP Clothing

New Gothic clothing from Gothicana by EMP

Catalogue p98, p238 and at our Gothicana by EMP clothing page

Over the last couple of months the supremely talented designers at EMP’s proprietary Gothicana range have been working hard to produce more stunning Gothic clothing for men and women. This women’s long-sleeved top with flared sleeves and clockwork imagery (D) is proving a hit, as is this stark, simple yet stylish medium-length black drape dress (C). For dark lords, we’ve created a host of great new Gothic pieces such as this black embroidered raven and skull t-shirt (B) and these studded and strapped sneakers (E) and real leather boots (A).




Guns N’ Roses Women’s Tops

New Guns N' Roses women's clothing from EMP

Catalogue p20-21 and at our Guns N’ Roses merchandise page

Axel, Slash, Duff and the boys have been busy coming up with new designs ahead of the arrival of the Not in This Lifetime… tour, which will soon arrive on British shores to rock the London Stadium on June 16 and 17. Have you picked up your merch yet? If not, take a look at this Guns N’ Roses “Paradise City” label top (A) and this GNR dripping dagger women’s top (B) – much better than the faded 1990s GNR top you’ve still got in the drawer!




Disney Women’s Clothing

New Disney women's clothing from EMP

Catalogue p313-319 and at our Disney merchandise page

Disney have been producing some uber-cool tops, dresses and skirts featuring all of your favourite characters. This EMP-exclusive Alice in Wonderland dress (E) has a richly-detailed tapestry around the hem that’s sure to turn heads, as does this funky Lilo & Stitch skirt (D). Combine the latter with this short-cut Lilo & Stitch blouse (C) for an authentic Kaua’i look. Heading to a Comic Con or somewhere formal? Belle’s ball gown (A) and Belle’s blue ruffle dress (B) are stunningly faithful recreations of Emma Watson’s dresses from Beauty and the Beast and work just as well in their own right as they do cosplay pieces.

These selections are just the tip of the iceberg; there are thousands of brand new items and old favourites available in the EMP Summer 2017 Catalogue. So what’re you waiting for? Hotfoot on over to the EMP catalogue page and get yours ordered!


The EMP Spring 2017 Catalogue is Here – New Beauty and the Beast Merchandise, Guns N’ Roses Merchandise and More!

Has yours arrived yet? It’s new catalogue day – 332 pages packed with merch from your favourite bands, brands and franchises!

If yours hasn’t dropped yet, never fear – it can be viewed online here. If you see something that takes your fancy, just click on the item’s image in the catalogue and you’ll be taken to the product page, where you can purchase the item in just a couple of clicks!

If you’re not signed up to receive our quarterly catalogue – what are you waiting for? Head to the EMP catalogue page and, enter your details and your catalogue will soon be winging its way to you!

So, what’s new in the catalogue? Let’s take a look…

EXCLUSIVE TO EMP Beauty and the Beast “Tale As Old As Time” T-Shirt – from £19.99
Get ready for the remake of this all-singing, all-dancing 1991 Disney classic with this top, available in sizes up to 3XL. The top’s rose design has a glitter effect, giving you a shimmer that ensures you’ll always stand out in the ballroom! Want to check out the rest of our Beauty and the Beast merch? Be our guest! It’s on page 313 of the catalogue, with even more available in our Beauty and the Beast merchandise section.

EXCLUSIVE TO EMP Guns N’ Roses Women’s Top Hat Skull T-Shirt – £19.99

Will you be there when the “Not In This Lifetime…” tour rolls into London this June? You’ll need to look the part! If you’re gazing at this ladies’ tee thinking “you could be mine”, you’re absolutely right – it can be yours for less than twenty quid. It’s available in sizes up to XXL and can be found amongst more GNR t-shirts plus hoodies, leggings, jeans and more on page 19 of the catalogue or in the Guns N’ Roses merchandise section of EMP.co.uk.

EXCLUSIVE TO EMP Wolverine Chest Sublimation Print T-Shirt – £19.99

Logan hits theatres next month, and looks set to be a gritty, bleak end for Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine. Return to the king of the X-Men’s colourful comic book roots with this tee – available up to XXL for just £19.99. You’ll find it on catalogue page 152 and among our Wolverine merchandise and Marvel merchandise areas on the site.

EXCLUSIVE TO EMP Kreator – Gods of Violence 2-CD, 2-LP Boxset featuring Live Blu-ray, Poster, Photocard, Certificate of Authenticity – £49.99 – only 1000 available!

Gods of Violence, Kreator’s first album in five years, has wowed critics and represents the thrash metal outfit’s fourteenth studio offering. That’s worth marking with something special, right? And what could be more special than becoming one of only a thousand people to own this ultra-limited edition boxset? Find it amongst thousands of other CD, vinyl, DVD and Blu-ray offerings on pages 64-66 of the catalogue, or on our Kreator merchandise page.

Black Sabbath “The End” World Tour Hoodie – £32.99

“The End” may have been and gone, but Ozzy, Tony and the rest of these rock legends will never, ever be forgotten. Whether you were lucky enough to be at the final Birmingham shows, you caught them somewhere else down the road or you missed your last chance to see Sabbath live, you can commemorate the momentous occasion with this hoodie. Find it on page 12 of the catalogue or online with more great Black Sabbath merchandise.

This selection of brand new items hasn’t even scratched the surface of range available in the new catalogue. It should be with all catalogue subscribers soon – once you’ve got yours, sit back and relax with a highlighter and start planning your next EMP shopping spree…