NHS Charities Together: Support the NHS with EMP

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If you’re already a fan of EMP then your wardrobe is probably full of amazing EMP merch. We’ve got everything you need to show your love for your favourite superheroes from Aquaman to Dragon ball Z. But the last 6 weeks have taught us that real superheroes don’t wear capes – they wear medical scrubs. Nurses and Doctors are risking their lives every day as well as putting their loved ones at risk, in order to look after us and help win the war against COVID 19. 

EMP has teamed up with NHS charities together to help support these everyday superheroes, and until 13th May 2020 if you buy a product from the selected range we will donate £1 for every item sold. In addition, we will make a donation for all previous sales of these products.

As you’d expect with EMP, you get awesome products that showcase your unique style, but this time you also get to say thank you to the NHS in the most metal way. We’ve got 9 products in the ‘Stay At Home 2020’ festival range, including t-shirts and hoodies for men, women and children. The ‘Stay At Home 2020’ festival is headlined by the extremely popular ‘Social Distancing’ and also features ‘Streaming Movies’, ‘Video Games’, RE↯AD, plus many more. Which act is your favourite?

 T-shirts are available in up to 8 sizes and as always with EMP, you’ll get safe delivery and fast, easy returns. ‘Homeschooling 2020’ T-shirts, ‘Stay AT Home 2020’ mugs and ‘Homeschooling For Metal Kids’ T-shirts are also part of our campaign to support NHS Charities Together


Support NHS hospitals through transaction-based giving by purchasing a Stay At Home 2020’ festival T-shirt. £1 donation for every product sold. Click on the link to see the full range of ‘Stay At Home 2020’ festival products.

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NHS Charities Together is a collective experience representing, supporting and championing the work of the NHS’ official charities. Through NHS Charities Together member charities collaborate on nationwide fundraising and advocacy campaigns and an urgent appeal was launched in response to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus. 

There are several ways to help support staff and volunteers caring for COVID 19 patients, the number 1 being to simply stay at home. No matter how tempting it is to sunbathe in the park – just don’t. Follow the NHS and government advice about how to keep yourself and others safe, which means that even though you are already frustrated with your current situation, you’ve got to double down and stick to the rules about social distancing. We’ve got loads of cool stuff to help you stay entertained during lockdown and you can also follow EMP of facebook for a daily dose of interactive fun. 

Other ways that you can help the NHS is by supporting vulnerable or lonely friends and family through social messaging networks.