Harry Potter Gift Ideas For Her

When you’re a massive Harry Potter fan, life is magical most of the time. But for the muggle world, it’s now the most magical time of the year. It’s a time where we’re encouraged to swap Butterbeer for mulled wine, chocolate frogs for advent calendars and broom riding for sleigh riding. Of course, there’s no chance of that happening but one thing you do have to swap is shopping for yourself to shopping for other people (sigh). So if you’re looking for a present for a Harry Potter lover, you’re in the right place! Here are my top picks to make any Harry Potter fan happy on Christmas morning.

Hedwig Funko Pop!


(Instagram: @funko.pop.army)


Ever since I first saw Harry Potter in 2001 when I was six years old, I wanted a pet owl. At the bottom of every shopping list my mum made for her trip to the supermarket, I would complete it with the final most important item… an owl. How this trickery didn’t work, I really don’t know. However, all my Christmases came at once when this adorable Hedwig Funko Pop! hit the site! She’s the cutest little thing and would make someone’s Christmas very special. Not for you? We have lots of other Funko Pop!s too.


Whomping Willow necklace


My favourite kind of merch is the kind that only true fans would know. That’s why this gorgeous Whomping Willow necklace is perfect for a Harry Potter fan who likes their merch a little more subtle. *Disclaimer* this Whomping Willow comes without the attitude.


Forbidden Forest – Thestral t-shirt



When it comes to t-shirts, I’m very picky with the fit. That’s why this Forbidden Forest – Thestral t-shirt is the perfect gift if the person you’re buying for likes something with a more flattering fit. And the Thestral on the font is glow in the dark… now that’s seriously cool. AND it has a hood. Okay, it’s basically just the best top ever.



I’m a Catch Golden Snitch mug

I’m a big fan of mugs (the type of crockery, not the type of people… although my love life might say something different).  I think they’re a really good way of capturing someone’s personality; you get to be thoughtful without actually putting in too much effort. Also, you know that they’re going to use them. To take your mug gift up a notch, why not get one covered in gold that would make any Niffler go crazy. This I’m a Catch Golden Snitch mug is the perfect addition to any desk or cupboard and the perfect way to boost someone’s confidence (or ego).

Hufflepuff slippers



It’s against the law not to wear slippers on Christmas morning, right? Make sure no ones ends up in Azkaban and get them a cosy pair of slippers. I’m a Hufflepuff so of course I have included these ones but they are available in Slytherin, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, too.


Hogwarts bathrobe



To take the comfort to the next level, add this Hogwarts bathrobe. It’s literally a hug in the form of a dressing gown. This, together with the slippers and a belly full of Christmas dinner, it will take you till the next Fantastic Beasts movie release to get up from the sofa.


Forbidden Forest Hippogriff shirt



This checked Forbidden Forest Hippogriff shirt is seriously cool and adorable at the same time. From the front, it has a very subtle Hogwarts logo and on the back it shows the magnificent Buckbeak standing proud. Again, a lovely addition to a Harry Potter fan’s wardrobe who like their merch less bold.



Lumos Beret




This next gift idea is for the fashion lovers. A Beret will always be in style and this one is no exception with gorgeous embellishments and ‘Lumos’ embroidered amongst them. A sophisticated addition to any outfit and a present that is bound to make any Harry Potter lover one happy wizard or witch on Christmas day.


Hermoine’s Time Turner



A staple in the Harry Potter franchise, the Time Turner is a timeless present (excuse the pun). Both rings as well as the clock can be turned to mimic the real thing down to the last detail… apart from the traveling in time part unfortunately (I know, we were disappointed, too).

There you have it. My top presents for a Harry Potter fan that is bound to have you winning points like you’ve just caught the Golden Snitch. Still not found what you want? Why not check out our gift finder tool to help you find something even more perfect. Happy shopping and I wish you the most magical of Christmases!


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How To Wear Harry Potter Everyday

Jewellery is the perfect way to (Hogwarts) express your passion for Harry Potter in a cute and subtle way. Whether you’re completely obsessed with a particular house or everything Harry Potter, there are pieces for every kind of fan!

Check out our latest YouTube video below and take a closer look at some of our favourite pieces:

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Whats magical about these pieces is that if you love one of the house pieces such as the Gryffindor bracelet but you’re a Hufflepuff, you can find the same bracelet in a variation of your house.



The characteristics of a Gryffindor are written around one of the bracelets and it adds gorgeous subtle details and depth to these bangles.

The same goes for the Slytherin Arm Party bracelet if you’re a Ravenclaw. The versatility is endless with 4 individual bracelets that work perfectly by themselves as well as they do all together.



But perhaps the most beautiful Ravenclaw piece are these Ravenclaw rings The blue embellishments are absolutely stunning and as you can see in the video, when the sun hits them they’ll have any Goblin after them! These are available in all houses including beautiful green Slytherin ones.



The other pieces that are delicately subtle are these house chokers. Featured in the video are the Slytherin necklace and the Gryffindor choker but the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff ones are equally charming.



To be honest, even if Harry Potter isn’t your thing, pieces of this jewellery are so individual and classy as independent pieces that they are beautiful without the back story. Like this Multi Charm NecklaceWear it as a Time Turner like Hermoine or add these cute charms and make it your own.



If a choker is more your style than a long pendant, this  Choker set is the perfect addition to any Harry Potter fan’s jewellery game – all three can be worn together but are equally as striking sitting by themselves.



One of my favourite pieces is this very profound  Always braceletIt’s very delicate elements only adds to the meaningfulness of the message the bracelet portrays.



If you’re in need of a new time piece, this Deathly Hallows watch is a charming piece for anyone’s wrist. With a hinge on the face, it’s interactive details adds serious dimension.



If you can’t get enough Harry Potter and need more than jewellery, we have an extensive range of Harry Potter items where you’re bound to find something (or lots of things) you love!