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EMP’s Favourite February Funko’s

Who doesn’t love a Funko POP!? At EMP, we are huge fans and collectors of these little guys so we’ve decided to do a countdown of our favourites of this months. Check out our YouTube video below for our Top 10!



Number 10 is  Cartman with Clyde – could we possibly see anymore resemblance between the character and the Funko POP!? Perhaps the only difference is the Funko’s added cuteness! If South Park isn’t your programe, we have lots of more  Movies & Television Funko’s for you find your favourite!

9, 8 and 7 are no other than some of DC’s most iconic superheros,  Batman,  Batman Asylum and  Wonder Woman! The difference between the two Batmans (other than the obvious) is that number 8 seems to have been hitting the gym! We also have this  Batman Justice League Funko POP! that looks even more menacing. These are just a few of our favourite  DC Funko POP’s.

Next up, we have possibly the cutest Funko of all time…  Winnie The Pooh. He is absolutely adorable, I want to reach in the screen and hug him! Complete the whole gang with  Eeyore and  Piglet.

 Simba is famous not only for his impatience, but also his incredible cuteness! We have a huge selection of  Disney Funko POP!’s – can you find your favourite?


At number 4 we have the legendary  Gandalf and what could be more fitting that the position he is in? I can practically hear him saying THOU SHALL NOT PASS!


Our top 3 starts with the adorably sad Sally. Her colouring and intricate detail make her one of my all time favourites!


The runner up is the beautiful  Daenerys Targaryen from  Game Of Thrones. But she’s not alone… with her she has one of her dragons which just makes this Funko POP! even more appealing!


Coming in first is  Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. The detail in her hair, her quaint crown and her part curtsy pose just makes her the perfect Funko POP! for any collector. But don’t let the innocent look fool you, she is the heaviest Funko POP I have come across to date! Oh and there’s a Chase (highly desirable, limited edition Funko) possible!




These are just a small handful of vinyl figures we offer – we have an extensive range of  Funko POP!’s waiting for you to get lost in!